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The protection of your personal data is important to us. The present Privacy Policy (hereinafter “Policy”) refers to the conditions for the collection, storage and use of your personal data by YOUTH LAB. SA, with registered seat in Delfon 5, 152 33 Athens, Greece, E-mail: youthlab@youthlab.com whenever you visit, register with or use the website www.youthlab.com, if you are an individual. For any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Introduction to the website www.youthlab.com

The website www.youthlab.com belongs to YOUTH LAB. SA (hereinafter «the Company»).

The personal data you provide us with, while browsing our website or upon registering with our newsletter, is subject to processing, as described in the present Privacy Policy, and shall be kept in a file at the Company’s responsibility.

What is Personal Data?

The term «personal data», as used in the present Privacy Policy, refers to information on individuals, either professionals or not, such as name, surname, address, email-address, contact number, credit card details, etc., which may be used in order to identify a visitor of our website (hereinafter «Personal Data» or «Data»).

What is Processing of Personal Data?

Processing of Personal Data is the collection, registration, filing, storage, adaptation, amendment, retrieval, research, use, transfer to third parties, transmission, correlation, combination, restriction, deletion, and destruction of personal data of individuals.

What kind of data do we collect?

Α) While you are visiting and browsing our website:

We do not collect your data, save the ones collected through cookies, as per your respective consent, as mentioned in detail in the Cookies Policy.

B) If you have agreed to receive our newsletter, we register your email in the «Newsletter Recipients List».

C) The website uses Google Analytics (GA), in order to monitor the users’ activities. We use such data, in order to determine the number of persons using our website, better understand how they find and use the same and monitor their navigation therein.

Although GA keeps data such as your geographical position, your device, your internet browser and your system software, none of such data makes you individually identifiable for us. GA keeps also your computer IP address, which could be used for your identification, but we do not have access thereto. We consider Google as a third party processor.

GA uses cookies, details on which you may find in the Google’s programming manuals.

The deactivation of cookies in your internet browser will deprive GA from monitoring any part of your visit in this website.

Further, YouTube installs cookies as well, in order to enable the reproduction of videos in our website. Advertising material may be shown by YouTube before or after our videos.

For the use of the above third party cookies, to the extent that they are not absolutely necessary for your connection to our website, your consent will be sought upon entering the same.

For which purposes do we process your data?

We collect your data exclusively for the purposes of providing the products of the website www.youthlab.com, and in particular for a) monitoring the visibility of our website, b) communicating with you at the data you provide us with through our respective Contact Us Form, (www.youthlab.com) c) complying with the obligations as per applicable law, as well as for d) customer satisfaction research purposes, products promotion, mailing of newsletters for products.

Which is the legal basis for the processing of your data?

The processing of the data of our website users is made either for the purpose of offering the respective products or it is based on the users’ consent.

For your Data, which are related to the mailing of newsletters, the promotion of products, customer satisfaction research purposes and the use of cookies, to the extent that the latter are not technically necessary for your connection to our website, the basis of the processing is your consent. For more information, please read the Cookies Policy.

Do we send your data abroad?

We do not transfer your data abroad. Your data are stored and processed within Greece.

When do we delete your data?

We delete your data for the mailing of newsletters, once you notify us that you do not wish to receive them anymore, by choosing the link therein or within six months following the last newsletter.

Data collected from Cookies are deleted in accordance with the Cookies Policy.

For how long will we be sending you newsletters?

We shall be sending you a newsletter only with your consent, for as long as your data are in the “Newsletter Recipients List”, namely for a period of six months following the last newsletter and under the condition that you have not waived your consent to receive such newsletters.

Are your data safe?

We are committed to protect your Personal Data. We have adopted appropriate organizational and technical measures for the security and the protection of your Data from any kind of accidental or unlawful processing.

Such measures are reviewed and updated, whenever deemed necessary.

The processing of your data is allowed only to persons duly authorized, our employees and partners, exclusively for the aforementioned purposes.

Which rights do you have?

Right to Access your personal data.

This means that you have the right to be informed if we process your data. In such a case, you have the right to be informed on the purposes of such processing, the kind of data we keep, to whom we transfer them, how long we keep them, if we make automatic decisions, but also you have the right to be informed of your rights, such as the right to rectification, deletion, restriction of processing, lodging a complaint with the Data Protection Authority.

Right to Rectification of inaccurate personal data.

If you find out that your data are inaccurate, you may ask us to have them corrected (e.g. correction of name or update of phone number).

Right to Deletion/Right to be forgotten.

You may request that we delete your data, if they are not necessary for the above processing purposes or if you wish to withdraw your consent, in case such consent is the only legal basis for the processing.


Right to Data Portability.

You have the right to receive the data provided in a portable form or request that we transfer them to another data controller.

Right to Data Restriction.

You may request to have the processing of your data restricted for as long as we review your respective objections.

Right to object to the processing of your data.

You may object to the processing of your data or withdraw your consent and we shall cease any processing, unless there are other compulsory and legal reasons superseding your right.

How can you exercise your rights?

In order to exercise your rights, you may send us a request either by post (Delfon 5 str., 152 33 Athens Greece) or by email (youthlab@youthlab.com) with the title «Exercise of Right to Access/ Rectification/ Deletion/ Restriction/ Objection», with a description of such request, and we shall make sure to review and respond as soon as possible.

When do we respond to your requests?

We respond at your requests free of charge, with no delay and in any case within one (1) month following receipt thereof. However, if your request is complicated or there is a large number of pending requests, we shall inform you within one month if we need an additional period of two (2) more months before we respond to you.

In case your requests are obviously unsubstantiated or exaggerated, particularly if they are repeatedly filed, the company may impose a reasonable charge, taking into consideration the administrative expenses of the provision of the information or the satisfaction of your request. Alternatively, we may deny to further process such request.

Where to refer for the progress of your requests?

For more information you may call us at +30 216 900 0060

Are you subject to automated decision making, including profiling, while we process your data?

You are not subject to automated decision making, including profiling, while we process your data.

We use cookies on our website www.youthlab.com, always after your informed consent, as stated herein above.

Do we process personal data of persons under the age of 16?

In general, we do not process data of children below the age of 16. If you are under 16 years old, you MUST have your parents’ consent before registering with our newsletter. If we realize that we have collected data of a child below the age of 16, we shall delete such data immediately.

Which is the applicable law with regards to the processing of your data;

We process your data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (2016/679/ΕΕ (GDPR), and the applicable national and community legal and regulatory framework on data protection.

How will you become aware of any amendments to the present Policy;

We will update the present Policy, whenever it is necessary. If there are significant changes in the Policy or the way we use your Personal Data, we shall notify you either by posting a notification before such changes come into force or in any other adequate way. We encourage you to regularly read this Policy, so that you are aware of how your data are protected.

If you wish to contact us for any issue related to the processing of your data and the exercise of your respective rights, you may refer to the Company, to the attention of the person in charge of data protection, at the phone number +30 216 900 0060 or the address Delfon 5 str., 152 33 Athens, Greece or the email youthlab@youthlab.com.